Company history

Company history

Zagrebparking is the legal successor of the company “Centar”, established in 1965
Company history

Zagrebparking Subsidiary is the legal successor of the company “Centar”, which provided parking services from its incorporation in 1965 until 1993, when it was renamed to “Zagrebparking”. Since 2 January 2007, Zagrebparking has been operating as one of the subsidiaries of the company Zagreb Holding Ltd.

1965. Incorporation of the company “Centar”, which provided parking services until 1993, when it was renamed to Public Enterprise Zagrebparking.
1965. First parking fee collected by a mechanical device called “Kincl” and 11 workers employed.
1978. Establishment of the first unit for clamping of vehicles.
1990. Establishment of a service for relocation and transfer of improperly stopped or parked vehicles.
1991. By virtue of a decision of Zagreb City Assembly, company “Centar” was transformed into a public enterprise.
1991. First public parking garage Gorica was opened.
1995. Public garage Petrinjska was opened.
1995. Introduction of automatic collection of parking fees and parking meters with a radio link.
2001. Zagrebparking became one of the first companies in the world to introduce a pay-by-phone parking option (m-parking).
2001. Establishment of the Croatian Parking Association, one of whose initiators and founders is Zagrebparking.
2002. Public garage Langov Trg was opened.
2002. Introduction of the “Tow-Away Video Surveillance System”.
2005. Expansion of parking payment by zone to include 4,000 new parking spaces.
2006. Public garage Svetice was opened.
2007. Public garages Rebro and Kvaternikov Trg were opened.
2007. Zagrebparking became a subsidiary of the company Zagreb Holding Ltd.
2008. Public garage Tuškanac was opened.
2009. Parking garage Tuškanac won the European Parking Association award for the most attractive newly built parking garage in 2008.
2014. Launch of the “Park your bike in a garage” project.
2014. Reserved parking spaces for hybrid and electric vehicles and family parking spaces introduced in all public parking garages.
2014. Introduction of electronic parking permits available for purchase at newsstands.
2015. Introduction of dematerialized electronic parking permits purchased at cash desks of the Subsidiary.
2015. Introduction of online purchase of parking permits (ePK Portal).
2015. Introduction of electric vehicle charging stations in 5 public garages.
2016. Public garage Jelkovec was opened.
2018.  Automatic parking fee collection system with automatic number-plate recognition was introduced (public garages Langov Trg,, Rebro and Petrinjska).
2018.  Mobile application ZgPark was launched.
2018. Parking lot Gredelj – from a derelict industrial surface to parking spaces (brownfield investment).
2019. Zagrebparking won the CROATIA Grand Prix Security 2018 award for the “Colourful underground” project of painting public garages, in the “Initiative of the Year” category.

Photo: Parking in the square 3
Author: Željko Krčadinac