Hourly parking permit

Hourly parking permit

Prices and terms and conditions of hourly parking
Hourly parking permit

Prices of parking permits are specified in the  Ordinance on the Use of Public Parking Lots and Public Garages.. Users of hourly parking services have to pay attention to maximum allowed parking time in individual parking zones.

Zone Hourly permit price   Maximum parking time
Zone I 1,60 Eur/h 12,06 kn/h 2 hours
Zone I 1/2 hour 0,80 Eur/h 6,03 kn/h 2 hours
Zone I.1. * /    /
Zone I.2.  /   /
Zone II.1. 0,70 Eur/h 5,27 kn/h 3 hours
Zone II.2. 0,70 Eur/h 5,27 kn/h 3 hours
Zone II.3. ** 0,70 Eur/h 5,27 kn/h Unlimited
Zone III 0,30 Eur/h 02,26 kn/h Unlimited
Zone IV.1. 0,70 Eur  5,27 kn Unlimited
Zone IV.2. 1,30 Eur 9,79 kn Unlimited

1 EUR=7,53450 HRK

*Use of parking services in Zone I.1 is allowed for tenants who purchase a privileged parking permit, whereas other customers may use the daily parking permit issued by the parking attendant. In Zone I.1 there is no possibility of hourly parking and the disability parking permit label does not apply.

** Applicable for parking spaces near the Rebro hospital.