Disability parking permit label

Disability parking permit label

Frequently asked questions
Pursuant to the Decision on Parking Organization and Payment Method (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 12/11, 18/13, 22/17, 20/18), disabled persons are not obligated to pay any fees for parking their vehicle on public parking lots situated in a charge zone, but only for a maximum period of 2 consecutive hours in a single day.
No. In order to enjoy this benefit in practice, along with the accessibility sign, disabled persons must attach the label issued by the parking provider.
Issuance of the label may be requested at the cash desk of the Zagrebparking Subsidiary, Šubićeva 40/III, during business hours of the cash desk or through the ePK Portal for online purchase of parking permits.
In order to be issued a label, a disabled person must submit for review the accessibility sign and the decision based on which the accessibility sign was issued, regardless of whether his or her permanent or temporary residence is in the City of Zagreb or not  (Terms and Conditions of Issuing a LabelRequest for Issuing a Label 
No. Disabled persons who have submitted all due documentation only need to state the registration plate number of a freely chosen vehicle and the benefit shall thereafter apply only to the vehicle with the specified registration plate number.
The label is valid for one year and it can only be issued during the validity period of the accessibility sign.
This benefit is completely free of charge, with the only exception being the one-time charge of HRK 30.00 by the parking services company, for label production and issuance expenses.
No. The label may be requested on behalf of a disabled person by any representative previously authorized by the disabled person (a written power-of-attorney is not required). The applicant must state his or her name and surname and data on the document used to prove his or her identity.
A label issued for one vehicle may be transferred to another vehicle (another registration plate number), which shall constitute a request for issuing a new label. As a result, label production and issuance expenses shall be charged in the amount of HRK 30.00. In such case, the old label shall be cancelled.
Naljepnica izdana za jedno vozilo može se prenijeti na drugo vozilo (drugu registarsku oznaku), što se smatra novim izdavanjem naljepnice. Pritom se za novu naljepnicu naplaćuju troškovi izrade i izdavanja u iznosu od 30,00 kn. U tom slučaju stara naljepnica se poništava.
No. A parking session starts to run after the vehicle is first noticed by the parking control officer and lasts for a maximum of two consecutive hours.
No. Disabled persons exercise the right to a free-of-charge parking session via their disability parking permit label once in a single day. This right cannot be carried over to the next day nor can it be accumulated.
Customers are allowed to change not only the parking place of their vehicle, but also the parking zone during the course of two hours; the important thing is that the customer complies with the prescribed time limit.
In case the prescribed time limit has expired, the vehicle of a disabled person shall be treated as any other vehicle parked longer than the maximum time of a single parking session.
If a customer wishes to stay in the charge zone after the expiry of a free-of-charge parking session, he or she is obligated to purchase a regular parking permit via m-parking or any other purchase method. The purchased parking permit shall become valid after the lapse of the two hours of a free-of-charge parking session.
There can be no overlapping. The person shall use the privileged parking permit in the zone for which it has been granted the related rights on a daily basis, whereas the two-hour free parking session can be used on all other parking lots pursuant to the applicable regulations.
No. Disabled persons can be granted a right to this benefit only after they have delivered the necessary documentation to the above-indicated address.