Privileged parking permit

Privileged parking permit

The persons entitled to a privileged parking permit are natural and legal persons who fulfil the prescribed requirements.
Privileged parking permit

The right to purchase a privileged parking permit (PPP) belongs to tenants residing in streets within the zones where parking is charged, as well as legal persons, natural person, crafts and trades and persons who are self-employed in another activity and whose registered office or business premises they use are located within that area. A privileged parking permit is issued to customers who fulfil the prescribed requirements, for a period of 12 months at the most.
Privileged parking permits are not subject to parking time limitation.
A privileged parking permit is issued in an immaterialized form and it can be purchased at the cash desks of the Subsidiary, via the ePK Portal, via the new parking meters and via the ZgPark mobile application. When purchasing a parking permit via the ePK Portal, the service user receives a reminder of expiry of the parking time under the privileged parking permit five days before the actual expiry date**.

A PPP for Zone I also applies to Zones II and III, whereas the PPP for Zone II also applies for Zone III. A PPP for Zone I.1 also applies to Zones I, II and III. A PPP does not apply in Zone 1.2 or in Zones IV.1 and IV.2 (off-street public parking lots).
Zone Privileged parking permit - monthly privileged parking permit
  Natural persons Legal persons
  Tenants Craft and trades  
Zone I 13,30 Eur / 100,21 kn  33,20 Eur / 250,15 kn  66,40 Eur / 500,29 kn
Zone I.1. * 14,60 Eur / 110,00 kn / /
Zone I.2  / / /
Zone II 5,30 Eur / 39,93 kn 19,90 Eur / 149,94 kn 33,20 Eur / 250,15 kn
Zone III 3,30 Eur / 24,86 kn 10,00 Eur / 75,35 kn 13,30 Eur / 100,21 kn
Zone IV.1. / / /
Zone IV.2.  / / /

1 EUR=7,53450 HRK
*Use of parking services in Zone I.1 is allowed for tenants who purchase a privileged parking permit, whereas other customers may use the daily parking permit issued by the parking attendant. In Zone I.1 there is no possibility of hourly parking and disability parking permit label does not apply.
**Notification is purely for information purposes and customers are required to pay due attention to the validity of their parking permits themselves.
The applications for issuance of privileged parking permits may be downloaded here.