Vehicle relocation

Vehicle relocation

Frequently asked questions
To achieve better monitoring of improperly parked vehicles and efficient relocation of vehicles that have violated relevant rules. Vehicles are relocated at the order of authorized officials, which provides for a significant contribution to unobstructed flow of traffic in the city.
The department for relocation of improperly parked vehicles provides the service of vehicle relocation in cases specified in the Road Traffic Safety Act (OG 67/08, 48/10, 74/11, 80/13, 158/13, 92/14) and in cases specified in the Decision on Municipal Rules (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 14/19).
Vehicle relocation procedure is considered started if the relocation order has been issued and if the tow truck that is to perform the relocation has arrived at the site from where an improperly stopped or parked vehicle is to be relocated, and the procedure lasts until the tow truck leaves that site.
The order for relocation of improperly parked vehicles is issued by an official person. Official person may be a traffic warden, a municipal  services monitoring officer or a police officer. The Vehicle Relocation Department of Zagrebparking Subsidiary performs the service of vehicle relocation solely based on a written order received from an authorized official person.
To retrieve your vehicle that has been relocated to the impoundment lot of Zagrebparking Subsidiary, you have to show the vehicle licence and personal identification documents of the person who wishes to retrieve the vehicle.

An objection with regard to the reason why the vehicle was relocated can be submitted to the authority that issued the relocation order, which is indicated in the Minutes on Vehicle Retrieval.